Grab audio.

Record audio right in Audiolio or select tracks from your iPad's media libraries.

*In-App purchase required for access to iPad media libraries.

Add bookmarks.

While recording or during playback, add bookmarks to your audio. Tap the bookmark to review the audio at that location at any time.

Take notes.

Add notes to your bookmarks to provide important details. And since a picture's worth a thousand words, you can attach an image to your bookmarks, too.

Share stuff.

Audiolio makes it easy to share your recorded audio and bookmarks with others in a variety of formats.

*In-App purchase required for sharing features.


Audio bookmarks for all of your audio.


Perfect for Students. Audiolio is a great way to add notes at key points in your lectures, allowing you to stay focused on the most important areas of your studies. You can also easily share your bookmarks with other members of your study group.

Meeting Minutes

Ideal for Business. Record your important business meetings or client consultations and add notes for follow-up. Send bookmarks to your colleagues so that everyone is up to date.


Made for Audiobooks. Finally, an easy way to mark favorite passages in your audiobooks! And if you're a member of a book club, you can provoke great discussions by sharing your audiobook reviews and commentaries.


Travel light. With Audiolio and your iPad, you have all the tools you need to conduct great interviews anytime, anyplace. Use Audiolio to record your conversations right on your iPad, and add bookmarks to note the most compelling parts to include in your final report.


Master your 'casts. If you're like us, you have a vast podcast library. Audiolio lets you instantly refer back to your favorite bits. Not yet a podcast listener? Then check it out - you can find podcasts on almost every conceivable subject in the .

iTunes U

Learn some new tricks. iTunes U has a huge library of free course lectures on diverse subjects such as language, fine arts, business and technology. Audiolio can help you find and review important information as you travel the road of enlightenment. Go see what you could be learning .

Great technologies at your fingertips.

Audiolio File Format

The best way to share your stuff. Audiolio's convenient file format allows other Audiolio users to import your bookmark sets directly into their own iPads.


Sync and share bookmarks with a few taps. Dropbox is built right into Audiolio, so you can easily share your bookmark sets, even those containing large audio files. Don't already use Dropbox? Check it out .

*Dropbox account required. Visit the Dropbox website for details.

TextExpander touch*

Type less, type smarter. Integrated TextExpander touch allows you to type faster by expanding short abbreviations into longer text snippets. Learn more .

*TextExpander touch must be purchased seperately and installed on your iPad in order to use this feature.

External Mic Support

Capture great audio. You can use one of the many mics available that plug into the iPad's headphone jack, or even a USB microphone*. We recommend the .

*Requires iPad camera connection kit.

Data Detectors

Be smart with your data. Audiolio uses the data detectors built into iOS to automatically find interesting bits of text. Items like links, email addresses, map locations, calendar dates, and phone numbers become "live" allowing you to interact with them. With data detector support, your notes do even more.


Print right from Audiolio. Audiolio supports Apple's AirPrint, which allows you to print out bookmarks on any AirPrint-enabled printer. Visit for more information.

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